Introducing...Listening Club by Opera Daily 🎶

I started this newsletter in July as a fun and simple way for people to explore the world of opera in a comfortable and digestible way. Today we are 54 issues in, hundreds of comments later, and over 4,000 members! I can’t believe it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming on this journey with me so far (and for bringing your insight and enthusiasm every step of the way).

To thank you for your support over the past several months, we’ve assembled all the selections that we’ve shared since July into one easy-to-access playlist on YouTube.


This newsletter was always meant to be a side-project during quarantine. After so much positive feedback, though, I've decided to turn this into a real thing that will evolve from its current format to something new. Opera Daily will be adding to the team with additional support and expertise levels.

Another motivation for turning up the volume on Opera Daily was seeing so many of my closest friends unable to practice their craft. I hope to create a place for them to share their knowledge and talents with all of you. We have some cool stuff in the works.

Why evolve from the current format?

As I would write the posts that land in your inboxes each week, I would often find myself wanting to go deeper. There were so many details that I was forced to leave out—for fear of overwhelming people. I would usually not tell the most meaningful stories given the format and not have an appropriate forum for sharing yours. I was also craving an opportunity to take a break at times: to pause and reflect on what we’ve discussed, reconfigure. Also, for a sense of progress: of going and getting somewhere and feeling like we’d accomplished something together.

Introducing Listening Club by Opera Daily…

What is Listening Club?

A premium membership-based community focused on gaining new insights, inspiration, and contentment through opera. It’s our first attempt at going deeper now that, hopefully, we’ve convinced you of the power of opera. Also, to learn, to share, to take, to give, to be heard, to listen, to help, to create, to have power, to change, to grow, to be supported, to feel, to see, to realize we’re not alone with our thoughts and ideas.

Our goal is to design a space that you crave. And one that is kind, inspiring, and thoughtful.

What will Listening Club members get:

  • Bimonthly emails on the Listening Club theme that will set the stage for what’s to come

  • Curated audio + video recommendations, including podcasts, documentaries, and interviews that are relevant to the theme and topics we’re discussing

  • Access to a new private community available 24/7 where we dive more in-depth on topics (we will be using an easy-to-access platform called Circle to run the community)

  • Relaxed, evening-length, moderated discussions in video calls that members can join with amazing guests on the month’s theme

  • Full access to Opera Daily’s content archive


What’s changing?

Free readers, you will get the occasional free post. If that's enough for you, by all means, stick with it.

When I launched this newsletter in July, I had no real plan; this newsletter was always meant to be a fun side-project. But while I wasn’t looking, this has turned into something unique, and this music and our discussions have personally filled a hole in my life that I didn’t know needed filling! And the feedback you’ve been sharing with me has been immensely gratifying. But to take it to the next level, I need to commit more of my time and add expert resources to make this community “sing”. Our goal is to be 100% member-supported.

When can I join? How many people can join?

Within the next two weeks, we will be sending out more details to all of you on what is included in the membership and allow you to join. For now, though, we are just asking for you to communicate your interest and your preferences (with no commitment). Shouldn’t take more than 45 seconds of your time.


We are capping the membership group to no more than 1500 members, and in order to join you must have at least 40% newsletter open rate based on your profile (ask us for yours but essentially this means you’ve opened 40% of the emails we’ve sent to you). This criteria and number of members will allow us to keep the club filled with high-quality conversations and allow us to offer the most significant value to everyone. And just a quick reminder—no prior knowledge of opera is ever required!

In order to make sure the offering in January is as valuable as possible to all, especially to our earliest supporters, we are asking for your quick thoughts below (shouldn’t take more than 45 seconds to complete, we promise!)

Are you interested in join Listening Club?


When will this change happen?

Listening Club will start on January 15th!

That means about three weeks more of free amazing content, and then subscriber-only content begins on the 15th. If you want to make sure that you don’t miss anything, give us your preferences now, and we’ll put you on the waitlist! (no obligation at this time). We will be teasing our new membership model for the rest of the month along with our regularly scheduled content, so don’t worry, you will be hearing more from us on this! (oh and Holiday and winter-themed opera is coming your way soon 🎊)

If you’ve found value in this newsletter or just want to support the work we’re doing to keep this amazing classical music tradition alive, we hope you will consider taking this next step with us. It would mean a lot to me.

🎁 The first 15 people that click below and share their thoughts will get a free membership when it rolls out in January!


Questions? Comments? Would you rather just email me with your interest and suggestions? Fine with me! Reach out to me any time. Respond to this email or reach me at

Thank you for reading and coming along on this journey so far,


PS: This is going to be fun!