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I started this newsletter in July as a simple way for anyone to explore the world of opera. Today we are 58 issues in, hundreds of comments later, and over 4,200 members! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming on this journey with me so far.

After so much positive feedback, I've decided to turn this into a real thing that will evolve from its current format to a paid membership-based community.

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What is Listening Club by Opera Daily?

A membership-based community focused on gaining new insights, inspiration, and contentment through opera. It’s our first attempt at going deeper now that, hopefully, we’ve convinced you of the power of opera.

Also, to learn, to share, to take, to give, to be heard, to listen, to help, to create, to have power, to change, to grow, to be supported, to feel, to see, to realize we’re not alone with our thoughts and ideas.

We are capping our membership at 1500 people for the first three months, so if you would like to join us, today is a great day to do that (especially at 40% off the regular cost).

What’s changing?

Free readers, you will get one free post per month. If that's enough for you, by all means, stick with it and stay with us. While this significant discount may not be available at a later day, we welcome (and hope!) you will convert to a paid subscriber at some point in the future.

Paid subscribers will get:

  • Bi-monthly emails on the Listening Club theme (the first email will set the stage for what’s to come at the beginning of the month, and the second will wrap up the month’s listenings and learnings) to include interviews with up-and-coming singers as well as established artists of the present and past

  • Curated audio + video recommendations, including podcasts, documentaries, and interviews that are relevant to the theme and topics we’re discussing

  • Relaxed, evening-length, moderated discussions in video calls (1-2 events per month) that members can join (live or any time after) with amazing guests on the month’s theme. Our hope is for these to eventually also include virtual concerts, virtual masterclasses, and lectures.

  • Also included: aggregated list of performances to attend outside of Opera Daily that are taking place online and in-person (when allowed), private playlists on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music, ability to post comments and join the conversation, and access to Opera Daily’s full content archive

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What will it cost? 

$150 per year, or $15/month.

✨ If you subscribe in the next 48 hours, get the first year for only $90, or $9/month (40% off) ✨


Our goal is for the annual subscription cost to be roughly the price of one live performance (but to deliver an equivalent of AT LEAST 12 LIVE PERFORMANCES throughout the year).

When will this change happen? 

Listening Club will start on January 15th with Rossini! Our plan is to make the balance of this month packed with content and events, so paid subscribers should get ready for some surprises.

That means a little over one week more of free content, and then subscriber-only content begins on January 15th.

If you want to get the early supporter pricing, subscribe now, and you’ll automatically get a spot.


If you’ve found value in this newsletter or want to support the work we’re doing to keep this amazing classical music tradition alive, we hope you will consider taking this next step with us. It would mean a lot to me. We have a lot in store for 2021!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reply to this email, and I will get back to you.

Thank you for reading, and of course, always listening.