Opera Daily 🎶 — What are you listening to today?

Hey, there 👋 we’re trying something new for this Wednesday’s post.

You all are amazing, and unsurprisingly I get so many wonderful comments from you every week. So I want to give YOU the mic 🎤 for tomorrow.

What opera, singer, aria, or art song are you listening to today, to get your mind in the right place?

What pieces bring you joy? 🤩

We’ll be taking suggestions all day!

Have you stumbled upon something recently and thought “this is beautiful; more people need to hear this!” Well, this is your chance to get the word out to almost 4,000 people!

Respond to this email with your favorite(s) or drop a comment on the post with your selection(s). We will do our best to aggregate all your selections (along with a couple of surprises from us) that come in via email and from the comments for tomorrow’s post.

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