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Hi, I’m Michele. When I tell someone I’ve just met that I am a trained opera singer, I inevitably get asked to send them the pieces of music I most love for them to listen to—my greatest hits. 

It’s been happening all my life, and every time someone asks me to do this, my list of greatest hits grows—my research yields new gems.

I love how opera makes me feel, and I want others to feel the same. I enjoy every minute I spend finding those pieces that I know will move people and help them see, feel, and hear the world differently. I love reconnecting with and learning more about old familiar pieces and discovering new ones.

So, rather than reserving my finds for just my friends and family, I created Opera Daily. Anyone curious about opera can learn more in an easy to understand and digestible way. Join our growing community by subscribing.

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An email that makes you love opera.
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