Let's talk: First opera memory?

Do you remember when you heard your first opera/aria? Bonus points for including the opera and composer! Please tell us—no matter how faint or vivid the memory. 

I’ll go first.

My first opera memory is from the movie Moonstruck (1987) with Cher and Nicolas Cage. 

Loretta and Ronny go to the Metropolitan Opera to see La Bohème by Puccini. I remember that Loretta cried when the character (Mimì) was singing. It was the first time I felt like opera was reflecting real life - real emotions. In the scene, the character of Mimì shares her love for Rodolfo but the two agree to part because Rodolfo fears he is too poor to care for Mimì given she is sick, echoing the way Loretta in the movie feels about Ronny. You can watch the actual scene from the movie here.

The aria was “Donde lieta”. Mirella Freni wasn’t singing in the film but her version is one of my favorites.

Now you! Go!