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"La mamma morta" from Act III of Umberto Giordano's "Andrea Chénier" is, indeed, an achingly beautiful aria. I was driven, however, to explore why the Maria Callas rendition is thought of as pure perfection and as setting the standard for other sopranos.

I listened intently to performances by Renata Tebaldi (https://youtu.be/Yxk6iO3K9hQ), Sondra Radvanovsky (https://youtu.be/5ZZeioXswQU), Anna Netrebko (https://youtu.be/-s7Ep5bbz64), Montserrat Caballé (https://youtu.be/v9NRtt5KyyM) and Mirella Freni (https://youtu.be/xkXAp14I-Sk). Of these artists, Mirella Freni came closest to "La Divina" in conveying the sorrow, desolation, longing and lamentation of Maddalena di Coigny. I thought their vocals were elegant, spare, melodious and not overwrought. Then again, you are familiar with my biases.🥂

"Andrea Chénier" - Complete Opera


Umberto Giordano - Biographies

https://www.britannica.com/biography/Umberto-Giordano https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Umberto_Giordano

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