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Every time I think I've encountered the ultimate tenor voice, you give me a new one to fall in love with. I enjoy listening to the older artists (Enrique Caruso, Beniamino Gigli, Jussi Björling, Luciano Pavarotti, Plácido Domingo), the younger ones (Juan Diego Florez, Lawrence Brownlee, Jonas Kauffman), and also the countertenors (John Holiday and Nicholas Tamagna).

Fritz Wunderlich was "wunderbar"! What a tragedy that he died at the peak of youth, at the peak of his talent,and after his career had soared to the heights. This was a man who fulfilled his purpose in life, and quickly exited stage left. His voice deserved to be preserved for the ages. I can't explain why this is so technically, but I can attest to feeling the sweetness, warmth, clarity and emotion he conveys.

With respect to Agustín Lara's universally loved "Granada", I found no fault whatsoever with the great tenors on your list. This beautiful classic never fails to transport me back to Spain and all that I experienced, know and still love about this fascinating country. I hope you will eventually focus on operas, composers and artists who have emerged from Spain and her former colonies. I am already a fan of four such opera stars (Plácido Domingo, Montserrat Caballé, Juan Diego Florez and Martina Arroyo). So tell me more! 👂


Are countertenors considered tenors, or is this an independent classification?







(It helps to know German, but the music needs no translation!❤)

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Such insightful comments - as usual! And thank you so much for the links! I couldn't agree with you more on Wunderlich's voice - truly magnificent (many have said that tenor Piotr Beczala reminds them of Wunderlich).

I double checked with my good friend Jeff and he confirmed that countertenors are not tenors. He clarified that most countertenors are baritones who have cultivated their falsetto (completely separate voice classification).

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I never knew I had such "insightful comments" in me! Opera Daily is the tuning fork that makes me resonate to opera's voices, music and stories. Dabbling in research, listening to various artists, and writing about how opera makes me feel, are how I express my gratitude for the love and care that you, your friends and allies put into this little engine that could.❤😊

P.S. Looking forward to checking out Piotr Beczala, and appreciate the information on countertenors. Maybe they should call themselves "falsettones", so they don't have to run counter to tenors. A little opera joke there.😂

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