Opera Daily 🎶 — "Vissi d'arte" from Tosca

Good morning, friends! If you missed any of the previous pieces (this turned out to be Tosca month!), you can catch up here: "Vittoria! Vittoria!" "E lucevan le stelle" "Qual occhio al mundo" (The Love Duet) Tosca is pretty much the perfect opera and one of the most accessible ones for those new to opera. It’s about obsession, sex, murder, suicide—all of them! Cavaradossi (a painter) and Tosca (a soprano) are falling for each other. Every so often, the two of them go for a weekend together at Cavaradossi’s villa outside of Rome. Meanwhile, Scarpia, the police chief, has also fallen for Tosca. Scarpia arrests Cavaradossi and offers Tosca a trade — her sexual favors for her lover’s life — but Tosca manages to kill Scarpia before that happens.

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